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See Legit Place Where you can buy or Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Bitcoin is the most valuable currency in the world. It gained its way into the world market in the last 6 years. Bitcoin can be likened to the Naira on many levels. Having a wallet which is similar to the bank account you may have for your Naira, allows for easy but secure access to your money on demand. The Bitcoin is a currency in its own right and you can buy from a local exchange and use it identically as you would the Naira sending and receiving. It also has incorporated the Blockchain which is a framework allowing you to keep track of transactions and increasing the overall transparency as you know exactly where your money went and how much.

Where to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria?

Bitcoin is not a tangible currency. It cannot be touched. Therefore, Bitcoin transactions should be given much attention to avail scam or fraud. There are many places where you can buy bitcoin. You either buy from online exchangers or individual sellers.
However, the issue with all these means of bitcoin transaction is reliability. You can easily be scammed while trying to purchase bitcoin. Or delayed bitcoin transfer after payment. 

Therefore, I decided to write this post to help some people out there in order not to fall for scammers. I found this Bitcoin exchangers by name Nairaex and decided to test them with some transactions. Wow! Guess what? They passed my test.

Consequently, NairaEx has been recommended as the best exchange in Nigeria currently offering unbeatable rates on your Naira when converting. Boasting delivery times within a matter of hours, the service has been recognized as a valuable platform for beginners in Nigeria looking to purchase Bitcoin initially to experience it on a daily level.
I have personally tested this network and ascertained its reliability. However, you can also buy from individual sellers. But due to security, fraud, scam or unreliable transactions, I advice you use this online exchanger for a safer transaction.
Click here to create account with Nairaex

If you have any issue, drop it on the comment box below for prompt assistance.

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