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Payment Proof: See How to Make Money with Zarfund Using Bitcoin

One way or the other you must have heard about the much talked about Zarfund investment. The world cant seems to stop talking about it at the moment, and the investment is experiencing unprecedented growth the internet world has ever seen.
Seeing is believing let me show you my earnings, below is a screenshot of my Zarfund account.
Let me take a few minute to explain the screenshot above, it shows the following:

1 - I started Zarfund on the Oct
2 – I am in level 4
3- I have invested a total of 0.38btc ($267.13)
4 – I have received 2.61btc ($1834.77)
5 – My profit so far is $1834.77 – $267.13 = $1567.63
6- It’s just a little over a month
Lets do a little maths:  $1567.63 x N515 = N807,333, that’s my profit so far in a month.
Making N807k in just one month I believe we all agree only few 8-5pm jobs can offer that, and the most impressive thing is its done online with little or no stress.

Now let me start from the top, What Exactly is Zarfund? Zarfund is a team-work based, person – to – person funding platform. The company started mid-August but is gaining substantial unmatched grounds the Investment world has ever seen.

How does it work? Zarfund is all about team work. And the start-up capital is 0.03btc / $21.5 which is payable in bitcoin. All new investors voluntarily pay their upline (the person who referred them) $21.5, then the  investor will invite two person who will pay him $21.5 each  making x2 of his investment in one day (at that point you move to level 2). Then your two referrals will have to refer two people each and the matrix keeps forming.

Zarfund is a 2x6 forced matrix that is impossible to do alone, hence TEAMWORK is encouraged. That’s what set Zarfund apart from all other investment. With teamwork you can use $21.5 to earn $89,856 which is the highest level.

Now in Zarfund you only need two referrals (It’s called the power of two). Two referrals is the Maximum, you can’t have more than it. That’s why it’s so unique when compared to other investment where you need to bring in people at everystage

Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System

Level 1-: 2 x 0.03btc (paid by your two direct referrals) = 0.06btc (you upgrade to
level 2 with 0.05btc) profit = 0.01btc or $7.02 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)

Level 2-: 4 x 0.05btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 0.2btc (you upgrade to level 3 with 0.1btc) profit = 0.1btc or $70.2 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)

Level 3-: 8 x 0.1btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 0.8btc (you upgrade to level 4 with 0.2btc) profit = 0.6btc or $421.2 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)

Level 4-: 16 x 0.2btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 3.2btc (you upgrade to level 5 with 1btc) profit = 2.2btc or $1,544.4 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)

Level 5-: 32 x 1btc (paid by your referrals referrals) = 32btc (you upgrade to level 5 with 2btc) profit = 30btc or $21,060 (you will receive this sum immediately and monthly if you stay at this level)

Level 6-: 64 x 2btc (paid by your referrals referrals) profit = 128btc or $89,856 (There is no upgrading this is the final stage) you will receive this sum immediately and monthly when you get to this level

To get the Naira equivalent just multiply the dollar figure by N515 (the current rate according

NOTE: You can walk away at any stage, and all profit (ROI) are paid directly to your bitcoin account, which you are in total control of.

As at today 1bitcoin (btc) is $701.2 and bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the world.

So many shy away from online investment because of fear of scam, Zarfund counter all that fears and it’s perhaps the most legit investment in the internet sphere. Some of the reason are:

*The founder is Hannes Jordaan. Most HYIP (Scam) don’t have Founders/C.E.O
*Zarfund gives you total control of your money, you are your own bank, and you receive and pay your money. All your funds are in your bitcoin account.
*You can withdraw all your money anytime, any day, anywhere. You don’t have to wait for 30 days neither are you given any condition for withdrawing your money. Zarfund is as free as Shoprite, you can walk in and out as you wish.
*Nothing at all have access to your money not even Zarfund.
*Zarfund don’t pay you, members pay you. Zarfund is just the platform.

This new buzz in town offers endless possibilities and you can make so much with your Team. Zarfund is a Teamwork platform and we are the leading team in Africa. We will be the first Group in Nigeria to produce a plethora of level 6 investors. Teams are formed in Zarfund to assist investors with referrals, so all you basically have to do is join a team and invest.

Who are we? We are Team Daniel
What do we do? We invest in the biggest Investment the world has ever seen (Zarfund).
What is our aim here? To give you first-hand information of the investment of the century.

This is the criteria to join our Zarfund Team:
1-      Make sure you are familiar with the basis of Zarfund (you can whatsapp me for that)
2-      We are not a Team that promises our members downlines (referals). We don’t encourage laziness. No team gets to the top with inactive members, we can only assist our members with just one referral. In Zarfund you need just two referals.
If you not ready to bring in at least one person and you want to make good money you are not the type we are looking for. 
3-      Only serious prospective investors are allowed, we are not here to joke, Zarfund is a serious business and we take it seriously.

And lastly we pride ourselves for being the Number One Team in Africa, Team Daniel broke away from her parent group on the 29th of September we have way over 200 investors in our team with a commendable amount of them in level 4, 3, and 2 in just 4weeks. Join our team of serious minded people today and let’s take you to the top.

Why should I join Team Chidi?
Other teams will promise you downlines but won’t deliver and if you bring in your own two referrals you most likely get stuck on level 2.
We are a team of serious minded people and you are guaranteed not to get stuck because we only accepts like minds who won’t stunt your development.
We go on aggressive ads with part of our profit to source for new investors and we do get lots of spillovers which might spill on you or your downlines
To join our Team send me a message on WhatsApp 08063483130
Signed Success Team #TeamChidi

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